Simon Duval


It was upon returning from a trip to West Africa in 2002 that a career choice was in order. A dilemma between music, humor and the hotel industry… In the end, here I am in catering for over 20 years already. What about the other two!? They are never far behind.

Graduated in Catering Service 2002-2003 edition at the Joliette Hotel School and Sommellerie 2003-2004 edition at the Laval Hotel School.

My professional journey began at Relais & Châteaux L’Eau à la Bouche in Ste-Adèle with an exceptional team that allowed me to take my first steps in the field. This growing passion subsequently allowed me to work with large hotel establishments, working alongside renowned chefs including Éric Gonzalez at Auberge Saint-Gabriel and Mathieu Masson Duccepe at Restaurant Jellyfish.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of meeting passionate wine lovers and supporting them in their discovery of exceptional wines. Always looking for that rare gem, my goal has always been to create memorable experiences by offering harmonious food and wine pairings while sharing my knowledge with enthusiasm. Because ultimately, the definition of a great wine is a wine that makes you grow! And the greatness of the moment will always remain under the influence of the people with whom we share it.

Over the years, I have also participated in a few sommelier competitions, which allowed me to measure myself against other talented professionals and continue to improve in my field.

Today I continue to exercise my passion as an independent sommelier, offering my consulting services to restaurants and wine lovers who wish to discover new wine gems, learn the art of tasting, from cellar management to wine, obtain personalized coaching and act as a consultant/designer of a major wine cellar.

My biography is a reflection of my love for wine and my commitment to providing exceptional sommelier service. It is a privilege to be able to share my passion with other enthusiasts and to help make each wine experience unique and memorable.”

Why Harmonies

For all the factors gathered around a beautiful bottle to give yourself the chance to experience an unforgettable moment, worthy of a first time, and to derive a feeling that comes dangerously close to happiness. Music has always been part of my life. Wine too but for a little less time. In my opinion, nothing better than a nice pairing in good company, and why not a second, a third, at your own pace, sometimes discreet, sometimes powerful…

My logo represents the vine in adaptation, the cycle of seasonal changes and its colors. At the same time, the wine displays its most beautiful colors depending on the occasion, proud of its terroir and its roots.