Wine cellar

Wine cellar

Organization and structuring

With a large selection of wine, it is important to have structure and organizational logic in your wine cellar.

Have you lost track of your purchases for a few years? You move? Have you inherited a collection? To become aware of your situation, this service is at your disposal.


Le Parloir
The ideal place for tastings and discovery

Several tailor-made event packages adapted to the type of occasion.

Visit our page to reserve your date. The details of your tailor-made moment will be finalized later according to your needs.



This service is offered as a private consultation for those who would like to deepen their knowledge as well as for restaurateurs who wish to offer professional support to their team.

Discovery and passion

Did you know?

Sommelier comes from the Provençal “saumalier”. In the Middle Ages, it designated the stable boy. Then the term evolved to designate the officer responsible for transporting baggage on Court trips.

The role evolved into the person responsible for taking care of the linen, dishes, provisions and the cellar, therefore the butler of the time.

The profession already existed under the name of cupbearer, replaced in the 14th century by King Philip V. Thus the sommelier becomes the officer in charge of serving drinks in the royal courts. At the time, the risk of poisoning was very high. The person was therefore chosen based on the confidence they could have in tasting the wine before serving it.


Graduated in Catering Service 2002-2003 edition at the Joliette Hotel School and Sommellerie 2003-2004 edition at the Laval Hotel School.

It was upon returning from a trip to West Africa in 2002 that a career choice was necessary. A dilemma between music, humor and the hotel industry… In the end, here I am in catering for over 20 years already. What about the other two!? They are never far behind.

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